Exchange Program With Short Shorts Film Festival & Aisa, Traveling Shorts In Japan
Director Yonesho Maya
Country Japan
Year 2011
Running Time 5’ 02”
Color/B&W HD | Color
Genre Animation
This is an animation made by two colleagues in Kyoto. After deciding the motifs that Kyoto is famous for, they drew in relay and each shot the film, with director Maya Yonesho working on the editing. Looking at what was drawn for each, the differences in illustration style gives flavor to the attractions.
2010 International Digital Moving Image Festival
2009 Off and Free Film Festival
Yonesho Maya
She was born in Hyogo prefecture and is a creator of hand-drawn experimental animations made to accompany words, music and landscapes. Traveling to various locations to create her animations in situ, her current <DAUMENREISE> series features 19 countries over her 29 films.