Girls and Cars
Director Thomas WOSCHITZ
Country Austria
Year 2004
Running Time 35'
Genre Fiction
Premier Status Asian Premiere
It's the airport security, where we see several luggages passing through the x-ray unit. The owners of those luggages are four Josefe from Austria, who have came all the way to Canada looking for a friend. One of the Josefs brings out a postcard, asking about the scenery on it. Fortunately, a clerk from the auto rental drives them to the place in it, which turns out to be a beehive farm where Josef, a bee farmer from Austria is supposed to be. However, they are told he left the place seveal months ago and, not knoing what is to expect yet still in search of their friend, the group buys a used car and look after him. Ran out of gas, they are force to push the car to motel... Where could this Josef possibly be? The meaning of its original title is repeatedly revealed on its soundtrack, 'girls and cars on a way back to the place they know.' (Jun Min-sung)