Director KIM Eunkyung
Country Korea
Year 2004
Running Time 16'
Genre Fiction
Premier Status World Premiere
Glass marbles are glittering when reflected by light, but are fragile. The movie "Glass Marbles" describes fragility and emotional sensitivity of adolescence. Girls and boys going through the explosive period laugh and cry even at something trivial. Also, they suffer from a slight fever caused by unbalanced gush of energy and sexual tension. The cinematography of "Glass Marbles" is really brillant. Shots which close up faces of girls and boys and parts of their bodies maintain clear tone of glass marbles and, at the same time, catches their subtle quivering. This is way the movie evokes not only visual sense but also tactile sense which is transmitted through finger tips. "Glass Marbles" enables the audience to enjoy tactile experience beyond visual experience, the act of seeing and perceiving. (Yoon Ah Han)
KIM Eunkyung