Director CHO Gyuoak
Country Korea
Year 2004
Running Time 21' 20"
Genre Fiction
Su-in works at a copy store. One day, a women asked to her to make copies of picture beaten her body and a compliant. Su-in recognizes a scar in her hand when she hands over copies. Su-in comes across with her again at the town office for applying her national security number. Su-in confuses uncertain past memory either an illustion or a dream or maybe a reality. In this film, a main character's name Su-in is pregnat with meaning of a fingerprint and a prisoner in Korean text. These two words explore between illusion and memory, but at the same time, a main character can not get out of the situation involving with these words. She stuck in somewhere like a women's scarred hand, and remains of an ominous memory. (Kim Hyun-jung)
CHO Gyuoak