Fast Film
Director Virgil WIDRICH
Country Germany
Year 2003
Running Time 14'
Genre Animation
Premier Status World Premiere
Austria's Virgil Widrich is an outstanding film technician working in film and other various multimedia genre in skillful manner, having already received worldwide acclaims with his earlier pixelation Copy shop, which showed the reasoning of visual image's existence within the borders of real-life and animation. The title of his recent work, 'Fast Film', has a dual meaning of 'fast' and 'almost' in English and German, respectively. The film is an adventure of a man on the way to rescue a kidnapped girl that consists of clips from 300 plus classic films. More than sixty-five thousand images are printed, folded up, cut up and have gone through other imponderable efforts in making this work of labor. Annecy 2004, a worldwide festival of animation, showcased a featured dispaly of its production process. This special amimation inspires nostalgia from classical films into a new space, showing how unrelated images can be placed in a narrative to newly create a joy of felicitous construction, resulting in a delivery of everlasting affection and acknowledgement about movies, a unique experience in riding the pleasure in extraordinary pace. (Song You-Kyoung)