Faded Rainbow
Director Gilbert KWONG
Country Hong Kong China
Year 2000
Running Time 24'
Genre Fiction
Premier Status World Premiere
Just as Hong Kong in Wong Kar-wai films can assume both the city of 1960s background as well as futuristic one found in sci-fi films, the streets of Hong Kong is a wonderful shooting location that's capable of expressing epitomizing of time. The main character of this film recalls a sudden memory instantly, while sitting on a double-decker and nonchalantly looking out on the streets. That is a recolleciton of Fei, her best friend during the high school years and the homoerotic sentiment she dimly had towards her. The theme of loves among the same sex often appears on films dealing with school, where it treats homosexuality in an incident from the past, a setting that restricts it as a certain element of nostalgia from the years past. Yet this film chooses the streets of Hong Kong, Where hte epitomizingof time exists, as the place in retrospect so the analogy between her current relationship with her boyfriend and her high school days becomes more than just tool of recollection and rather makes us to feel the trace of the past, the present and the future, the future that will be retoacted prompting a certain dj vu on its inevitability. (Yoon Ah Han)
Gilbert KWONG