Fade into White #4
Director GOSHIMA Kazuhiro
Country Japan
Year 2003
Running Time 19'
Genre Animation
The geometrical space that is shown by the dymamic movement of a carmera without a hesitation or any doubt, and the piano sound, which is simply repeating various different notes… This movie, which begins by the conversation of two unknown men, throws an interesting quesiton towards the digital image itself. The digital images, which is surroundingus, and the space created by those images - where is that space coming frome and where do we belong? The answer to that not-easy questions floats over the fading into white images and sound. The fascinating digital images grant us the position af a creator, but those images are only a variation of the repetiton. The images are there for sure, but it feels like unvertain memoryor misty dream and we only face the space that has faded into white. (Kwon Ho-chang)
GOSHIMA Kazuhiro