Endless Target
Director Yoo Joo-hyun
Country Korea
Year 2003
Running Time 12'
A bankrupt businessman named Kim Dong-hoon was dumped by his girlfriend. Kim Hye-jin, an announcer. He becames discouraged and attempts suicide by shooting himself but fails. Then he shoots the outdoor TV billboard which shows his ex-girlfriend. That bullet, however, doesn't work according to the law of gravity. Strangely, it acquires a mysterious power and begins flying around the world and destroys everything in its path. As a result, one genius scientist, Dr.Park achieves the system of making predictions of its path. A businessman, Kook Hee-sung buys the system of prediction and he markets it as a lottery called 'Endless Target'. It would offer a reward if people stood in the path of the bullet. On the other hand, Dong-hoon who had attempted suicide, as a failure does, watches TV at home. He also gets 'Endless Target' and he waits for the bullet to shoot himself.
Yoo Joo-hyun