Election Night
Mix Planet : Hello, Stranger
Director Anders Thomas JENSEN
Country Denmark
Year 1998
Running Time 12’
Color/B&W 35mm | Color
Genre Fiction
Premier Status Asian Premiere
Peter, a young idealist, one evening suddenly remembers that he has forgotten to vote. He jumps into a cab and races against time to reach the polls before they close. Along the way, he meets a number of taxi drivers with strong prejudices and ideologies. Peter has to decide whether to defend his beliefs or get to the polls on time. [Election Night], a black comedy about racism in Denmark, is a straightforward "politically incorrect" movie, which will turn you into a racist in no time. Though this film is designed largely to be "entertainment," playfully taking up themes and introducing twists and turns more for their comic value than as a serious social commentary, the film is nevertheless an efficient vehicle to reflect on racist attitudes. 1998 Academy Awards - Best Short Film
Anders Thomas JENSEN
Born in 1972 in Denmark, he is a self-taught writer and director. He is a screenplay-writer for a number of Danish feature films, including three Dogme films, [Mifune's Last Song] (1999), [The King is Alive] (2001) and [Open Hearts] (2002). His short films are studded with awards, with his directorial debut feature film [Flickering Lights] (2000), being both a box office and critical success. Critics applauded this film as "a brilliant and witty buddy movie". His filmography also includes [The Green Butchers] (2003) and [Adam's Apples] (2005), which both received numerous prestigious awards.