Crème de Menthe
Director Jean-Marc E. ROY, Philippe David GAGNÉ
Country Canada
Year 2017
Running Time 23'00"
Definition/Color Color
Genre Fiction
Premier Status Asian Premiere
A young woman returns to her home town after the death of her father. As a single daughter, she must empty the house of her father, who was a compulsive accumulator (or hoarder). She will then revisit, through the various stacks of objects, the life of her father, trying to find out what her specific place is among this multitude of memories.
Jean-Marc E. ROY, Philippe David GAGNÉ
ROY and GAGNÉ work together since 2008. Grant holders many times and their productions have screened around the globe, gathering several awards. They work in both fiction and documentary. Their previous fiction short, Bleu Tonnerre, has been screened at the 47th Director’s Fortnight.