Director Peter SVED
Country Australia
Year 2004
Running Time 8' 35"
Genre Animation
There is a desert which is covered only with dust and rocks. Considering the fact of being a water mill, it seems to have been abundant with water. A man is locked in the water mill. It rains and rain water trickles form the ceiling. As he takes raindrop, he beaks through the roof and go out to look for more water. Actually the space between the ceiling and the roof where he went out is a prairie. In the prairie he saves the life of a living thing which has a water drop and receives it. In spite of the familiarity of SF theme and soundtracks, the style of 3D animation enables this movie to express the conventional theme in a distinctive way. The title, 'Crawlspace', means the narrow space between ceiling and roof which is reserved for electric wiring or other purposes, and literallythe gap where one can only crawl. In this "Crawlspace", time is repetitive and the judgment on the sin of the protagonist is repeated eternallyas well. (Jun Min-sung)
Peter SVED