Chinese Dream
Director Victor QUINAZ
Country USA
Year 2004
Running Time 13'
Genre Fiction
Premier Status International Premiere
Now days, even if you traval to the unknow place, you would feel secure when you see a Chinese restaurant. However beyond the Chinese culture's cosmopolitanism, which has been functioned as a Culture shock absorbing gear and promised the universalism, there is the weary life of the Chinese immigrant. This movie is about an outsider among the Chinese culture, the Cantonese, who often translated into the universalism in Western culture. He dreams of flying into some other space even if he suffers from the hard work in a narrow space everday. That space is, the place where there is no obstacle, where you can find the true cosmopolitanism, The New York. On the other hand, his Chinese colleagues forced him to worship for the "authentic China", not New York. The imaginary place where has been sublimated to the core of Chinese culture, and the debt to the Chinese culture worked as an important code to prescribe his identity in this movie. The last scene reveals the shocking recognition that the majority and minority, and the inside or outside is only an issue which cannot be separated mental topograghically. (Yoonah Han)