Charlotte & Veronique : All the Boys Calle Patrick
Director Patrick Jean Luc GODARD
Country France
Year 1959
Running Time 21'
Genre Fiction
This film is the representative work of "Charlotte" series among the early shorf films of nouvelle vague or new wave. This is a femal buddy film played by Godard's loving persona Charlotte and her friend Veronique. The director reveals through location in a big city the irony of the situation where the dynamics of triangular relations are reversed. Charlotte and Veronique, who are roommates, meet man in a row in the park on the same day and make an appointment for dinner with him. But eventually they witness together that the man is the same person who habitually proposes to women. If Godard's previous work 'Charlotte et Son Jules' produces scenes of dense crossing in the room, this later work best expresses the simultaneously through who characters involved in unexpected situations as if they were drifting noises in the open space of the big city Paris. (b-won Lee)
Patrick Jean Luc GODARD