Director YU Likwai
Country HK
Year 2005
Running Time 4'
Definition/Color Digi Beta
Genre M/V
Premier Status World Premiere
It’s something subversive idea of the Homeless, ‘Still Life in Mobile Home’. Kirin is the occupant of cardboard house as a hermitage, with primal struggles for survival and silent subversion against the comfortable numbness of the hyper-stability of the Second World.
YU Likwai
Born in 1966 in Hong Kong, YU Likwai graduated from INSAS in Belgium in 1994, majoring in cinematography. He is one of the representative D.P. for Asia, especially famous for co-works with JIA Zhang Ke. His directional films, beginning with <Neon Goddesses> in 1996, also make him a high reputation for those distinguished achievements and unique vision of Asia.