Buenos Aires Zero Degree
Director KWAN Pun-leung , Amos LEE
Country Hong Kong China
Year 2000
Running Time 58'
Genre Documentary
This film is a documentary out of "The making of Happy Together" and a new chapter in making film. "In the Mood for Love", starring Leslie Cheung and Tony Leung who flew to the opposite side of the earth, blooms again, and 380,000 deleted pieces of rush film are revived in the fascinating wandering of Chang Chen and Shirley Kwan. Across the cities in Chinese people, furher south beyond zero degree is still utopia. If "The Making of Happy Together" watches Tony Leung who flew south of Chine to Taipei the capithal of Taiwan, "Buenos Aires Zero Degree" doggedly follows Chang Chen who moves toward the South Pole. This films is the production note of the director Kar-Wai Wang who faces the years after 1997 through the movement and exile of the characters, who experience the liberation from nationality in search of a maze of traces of memory. (b-won Lee)
KWAN Pun-leung , Amos LEE