Beware of Rats
Director KWEON Hye-min
Country Korea
Year 2006
Running Time 17' 30”
Definition/Color DV
Genre Fiction
Chinese migrant workers Liu-Zing and Jang-Li are raising a baby. It's a difficult life because the working hours are long, and they have little time for themselves as it is. The couple comes to a decision to send the child back to China, so that they can concentrate on making money. They even hire a broker to get the job done, but they run into trouble…
KWEON Hye-min
동국대학교 영화영상학과 재학 중. 작품으로는 다큐멘터리 <이제는 말하고 싶다>(2005)와 현재 준비 중인 <첫눈에>(2006)가 있다.