Director Sylvie Hohlbaum
Country Germany
Year 2012
Running Time 14’ 20”
Color/B&W Digi-beta | Color
Genre Documentary
Premier Status International Premiere
There seems to exist a clandestine dress code that all German ‘best agers’ secretly commit themselves to: Come retirement, and they all preferably start to wear beige. At least, this is what Hamburg based filmmaker Sylvie Hohlbaum observed. But she couldn’t care less. Until just after his 65th birthday, her father, of all people, stood before her: dressed in beige cap-a-pie.
2012 Hamburg International Short Film Festival
2012 Open Air Film Festival Weiterstadt
Sylvie Hohlbaum
Born in 1970, she studied History of Art/ Art Pedagogy. And also, she studied Documentary Filmmaking at HfG Offenbach: degree with distinction. She has made several short films.