Director KWON Sunghyun
Country Korea
Year 2004
Running Time 15'
Genre Fiction
Premier Status Asian Premiere
There is a fish which got out of water, and a homeless is looking at the fish. Following this short, a middle-aged man looking out of the window is showed. Between these apposing shorts, the whole building is presented like a big aquarium. However, it is important that the aquarium is not for exhibition but for a sushi restaurant. Therefore, the relationship between the middle-aged man in the building and the fish in the aquarium is evident. After a while the one will eat the other. The role of the homeless is to connect the two, but all that he can do is only cremating the dead fish. Moreover in the last part of the move, the homeless' place which changes angain deprives him of fantasy. As he swallows eundan [small sliver pills] just like fish eating fodder, the fate of the middle ages will never change. The concern of this movie is to show audience the end waiting for him. (Jun Min-sung)
KWON Sunghyun