Director Jeon Sun Hee
Country Korea
Year 2011
Running Time 16’
Definition/Color HD | Color
Genre Fiction
Premier Status World Premiere
When she returns from an absence, she gets a phone call from her mother saying she won’t come back. Yeo-jin thus leaves home to find her mom. At a sequestered apple orchard located in a rural area, she meets her mother. She tries to convince her mom to go back home. However, while spending time with her mother there, Yeo-jin gradually realizes why her mom does not give up on doing the job in the orchard, and she starts to help her mother out.
Jeon Sun Hee
The director is 25-year-old and graduated in directing from the Department of Film at Yongin University. The director is working for a production department at this moment. She has participated in the commercial film <SUNNY> and <GANGSTER EPIC NOIR> which will be released in next year.