All in All
Director SKARILD Torbjyrn
Country Norway
Year 2003
Running Time 5
Genre Expeimental
The man on the diving board jumps and prepares for 'that moment'. The man's body tumbles repeatedly with the diving board and the machine-like orderly sound fills up the frame. The dynamic body that jumping off the diving board contrasts with the calm water. The movie across the stillness and motion back and forth and shows the new experiment. All in all, "That Moment" when everthing is ready, the spectators expect some steady image at that moment. Or, on the verge of expected things and unimaginable expectation, they wait for "That Moment". The preparation verses the leap, and the imagination verses the newly conceivable possibility (Betryed imagination) rhythmically consist of the diving board's movement and the man's tensed expression. The movie not only spreads the pleasant imagination, but also shows the how a camera can expand the new realm of imagination. There is no energy in a fixed glance and the limited imagination. Let us not imagine which already has been imagined. (Kang Mi-hwa)
SKARILD Torbjyrn