Aesthetica 002
Director SONG Joomyung
Country Korea
Year 2004
Running Time 6' 12"
Genre Expeimental
Premier Status World Premiere
The Sun and the moon, the flower and bird, and the ocean and the clouds… With their own rhythm, they make the various patterns. Those patterns connect to the each other again, and change into the different images that images that have no fixed shape and a boundary. Aesthetic is a study of the sensibility, and 'The Study Of Sensibilty, everythitg is open and here is no certain narrative. The patterns are reshaping endlessly as there is no such things like a fixed-shape. The split frame just like seeing through a telescope and the reshape of the patterns centered by a circle makes us to obtain the act of 'Seeing' and reminds the oriental images at the same time. The chaging light and the color, and the shapes are dynamic and contemplative at the same time. (Kang Mi-haw)
SONG Joomyung