A Region of the shade
Director JUNG Byung-mok
Country Korea
Year 2004
Running Time 10' 30"
Genre Expeimental
The man, missing the girl in the picture, is floating in the outer space. If you can reach the space where gravity doesn't reach, the new imagination and fantasy are possible as much as you wish. The drifting images travel beyond a reality and mix up with the memory and remembrance. This movie, escaping from the gravity and the human-centered thinking, imagines that all outer space lives have their own mysterious universes. With the lives under the water we can't see through, those images leave a strong mirage-like afterimage. Compared to the big budget movies, the extraordinary visual and sound expand the Imagination over the universe and break up our dichotomous speculation's boarder line. Through the outer space. the yearning feeling, which could be a little bit too heavey, expands our imagination and gives a brand new comfort. Now, what would be there after this space travel... (Kang Mi-hwa)
JUNG Byung-mok