A far Journey
Director HUANG Ching Yao
Country Taiwan
Year 2003
Running Time 20' 30"
Genre Documentary
Premier Status International Premiere
This is a visual letter to the Japanese ex-girl friend and diary of their travel by Yao Yao, the Taiwanese. The camera melts streets of Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto into the beautiful images with deep emotion. Different from a usual travel record which extorts landscape and makes others simple senery with the imperialistic looking, this film does not try to territorize Japanese landscape. Yao Yao describes his slipping emotion in the moment of transferring taken in the transitional place such as trains, subways, and air planes. He expresses traveler's nostalgia in the tune of enka heard from a road crossing. This touching and sorrowful sound reminds us of familiarity among East Asians, and at the same time it expresses ambiguous feeling of 'close strangers'. (Yoon Ah Han)
HUANG Ching Yao