A Crimson Mark
Director PARK Hyunjin
Country Korea
Year 2004
Running Time 13' 15"
Genre Fiction
The background of the movie is the mid-Chosun dynasty(1660~74), when King Hyonjong was just enthroned upon the death of King Hyojong. The west and the south fraction came to collide over how long the queen of the late king had to wear a mourning dress. Amid a fiercer dliquism, Sungji from the west fraction fell in love with Gyori from the south fraction despite their different political views... Their love that grew in the face of tense confrontations over formality between different fractions produces strength to break tabooas and challenge formality and ostentation, and temperance and discipline that the society demanded at the time. Through stable picture composition and sound, the film solemnly depicts their dangerous love that grew in the face of social order and institution. (Kim Hyun-jung)
PARK Hyunjin