A Cat and I
Director AHN Dong-hee
Country Korea
Year 2004
Running Time 7' 20"
Genre Animation
One rainy day. A girl is returning home without an umbrella probably because nobody comes to bring her home. A little while later she found a little cat cast away on the street. She brings it with herself, feeds milk to it, and falls asleep. She has a dream that she go on a picnic to an amusement park with her father and mother. However, her realities of life are not like the dream. Father is yelling and mother is sobbing. The little cat is presented as another personality of the girl. At the very moment that she identifies herself with the cat, her hostility is revealed toward her father who (literally) swallowed he mother. Psychodrama detouring through the cliche of a cat which is cast away on the street. (Jun Min-sung)
AHN Dong-hee